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The Freedom to Choose: How H-API Lets You Leverage Any AI Provider

With H-API, you can leverage the power of multiple AI providers without being tied to a single solution. Whether you're considering OpenAI, Google, Einstein, or any other AI provider, H-API enables you to easily mix and match their functionalities to create a customized solution that fits your unique needs. Plus, H-API's robust integration capabilities allow you to seamlessly connect with other Salesforce products and third-party systems, providing a truly comprehensive AI solution for your business.

H-API: The Customizable AI Solution That Integrates Your Internal Knowledge

H-API takes AI customization to the next level by enabling clients to seamlessly integrate their own internal knowledge databases into their AI solution. With H-API, you can extend the capabilities of OpenAI, Google, Einstein, or any other AI provider by integrating your own internal data and knowledge resources. This allows you to create a truly unique and personalized AI solution that leverages your company's specific expertise and insights. Plus, H-API's easy-to-use interface and robust integration capabilities make it simple to integrate your internal knowledge database with your existing AI solution.

Efficiently Gather Information and Execute Actions with H-API's Dynamic Forms

H-API's dynamic form creation capabilities take AI to the next level by enabling users to solve problems generically, just by chatting with H-API. With H-API, you can easily create dynamic forms that can be used to gather information, execute actions, and solve problems in a personalized and efficient manner. Plus, H-API's chat interface makes it simple to interact with the platform and quickly create the forms you need. Whether you're looking to streamline your sales process, improve customer service, or enhance your marketing efforts, H-API's dynamic form creation capabilities provide a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals.


Explore the Stellar Features of H-API

AI Platform Integration

Flexible Data-Driven Behaviour

Salesforce LWC Component

Salesforce Utility Bar

Chrome Extension

Visual Code Extension

Developer API

Quiz Module

Image Generation Module

Mail Module

Web Content Fetch Module

History Functionality

Load Salesforce Objects Module

Search Functionality

Code Generation Module

Moderation Module

Learn Custom Knowledge Module

Chat Module

Zapier Integration

Custom CSS and Styles

ChatBot with Domain Knowledge

Command Piping

Create Objects by Chatting

Perform Actions by Chatting

Use Case: Employee Onboarding and Support

H-API: Personalized Chat Bot for efficient job performance.

By leveraging its domain knowledge, H-API's personalized Chat Bot can provide users with customized information and guidance to help them perform their jobs more efficiently. This can range from answering common questions to providing step-by-step instructions for completing specific tasks.

The Chat Bot can also be programmed to suggest relevant information based on the user's role or the specific task they are working on. For example, a customer service representative may receive information on common customer complaints or issues, while a salesperson may receive information on the latest products or promotions.

By providing personalized and relevant information, H-API's Chat Bot can help users become more efficient and effective in their roles, reducing the need for manual research or support. This ultimately leads to a more productive and streamlined workforce.

  • H-API extensions boost job performance and coding efficiency.
  • H-API Quiz module: generate on-the-fly assessments for any topic.
  • H-API Messaging module: broadcasts important messages to all or selected users.
  • Chat with H-API to perform basic and advanced actions.

With its powerful combination of features, H-API is an excellent tool for onboarding new employees and keeping existing ones up-to-date with business processes. The Quiz module enables you to create engaging and informative quizzes to test your employees' knowledge and ensure they are fully trained in the areas they need to be.

H-API's Visual Code integration is designed to help developers write code more efficiently by providing code snippets, suggestions, and documentation directly within their coding environment. This feature can save developers time and effort by reducing the need to manually look up syntax or reference materials outside of their coding environment. With H-API's Visual Code integration, developers can access the information they need right within their coding environment, leading to faster and more efficient coding.

In addition, H-API's internal knowledge database allows you to store and share important information with your employees, such as company policies, product information, and best practices. This helps to ensure that your employees have access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Overall, H-API's comprehensive set of features and easy-to-use interface make it a valuable tool for streamlining your employee training process and ensuring that your employees have the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their roles.

Use Case: Salesforce Developers Best Buddy

Boost your Salesforce development with H-API's advanced tools and support.

H-API offers developers advanced tools to enhance their productivity with its code generation module and Visual Studio integration. Developers can leverage the internal knowledge database to upload documentation and process information that can generate helpful explanations for third-party code and provide other relevant data.

Additionally, developers can chat with H-API to ask any organizational process questions, from deployment to day-to-day work, ensuring they are always up to date on company policies and procedures. This personalized support helps to minimize mistakes and ensures that all team members are aligned with the organization's goals and objectives.

Use Case: Service and Sales Chat Bot

Streamline sales and service with H-API's personalized chatbot solutions.

H-API's chat module can be used to create customized chatbots that can assist with sales or service inquiries. By leveraging the platform's dynamic form creation capabilities, businesses can create personalized chat experiences that guide customers through the sales or support process. Additionally, H-API's chatbots can be configured with domain-specific knowledge to provide accurate and helpful responses to customer inquiries. Whether you're looking to boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, or streamline support operations, H-API's chat module provides a flexible and powerful tool to help achieve your goals.

Use Case: Marketing Power Tool

Empower Your Marketing Efforts with H-API's Image & Email Generation.

H-API's powerful image generation and email generation capabilities, combined with its Zapier integration, make it an ideal tool for enhancing your marketing efforts. With H-API, you can easily create high-quality images and personalized emails that will help you attract and engage your target audience. Plus, with the platform's Zapier integration, you can connect H-API to other marketing tools and platforms to streamline your workflow and maximize your marketing impact. Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or generate more leads, H-API's marketing features provide a powerful set of tools to help you achieve your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is H-API?

    H-API is a powerful platform that enables users to seamlessly integrate their own internal knowledge databases with existing AI solutions, and perform a wide range of actions via a chat interface.

  • Yes, H-API can be used with any AI provider, including OpenAI, Google, and Salesforce Einstein, among others.

  • H-API offers a range of developer-friendly functionalities, including Visual Studio integration, a code generation module, and a flexible data-driven configuration system.

  • Yes, H-API is a great tool for enhancing marketing efforts, thanks to its image generation and email generation functionalities, as well as its Zapier integration for connecting with other marketing tools.

  • H-API's Quiz module, internal knowledge database, and personalized chat bot features make it a valuable tool for onboarding new employees and keeping existing ones up-to-date with company processes and information.

  • Yes. It will be our pleasure to show you what H-API can do to boost your organization. Simply reach out to us and we'll set up a demo at a time that's convenient for you. During the demo, our team will walk you through the various features of H-API and answer any questions you may have, giving you a firsthand look at how H-API can help you streamline your business processes and increase efficiency.


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